Laguna Lido –  a premiere location in Laguna Beach CA that features a virtually private beach. Since California beaches are generally public, this effect has to be created by natural land formations. This condo is situated in a small cove where the only access to its beach is via a narrow strip of land on its south end that is actually underwater during some high tides. The privacy of this cove is shared by local residents and their visitors and the few souls who make their way around the edge of this Laguna Beach paradise. Laguna Lido condos are all ocean facing and whoever lives in one enjoys that distinct feel of being almost in the water from their vantagepoint. Beach access from Laguna Lido condos is just a few steps from the front door of each unit.

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Laguna Beach Condo

Recommended real estate agents? Call or text Jason Watson at 714-609-1600  These Laguna Beach condos capture the feeling of the exclusive beachfront California lifestyle.

Laguna Lido Condo Ocean View

Laguna Beach | Laguna Lido Condos: You’ve seen the kind of billing that gets an “ocean view” description when what you get is a glimpse of a razor-thin blue strip in the distance. Yep, that’s the ocean and you’re able to see it if you get position just right at that window over there.

Not here.

Here is an ocean view up close and personal. A rare corner condo, lower floor, ocean front Laguna Beach condo at Laguna Lido located at 31755 Coast Highway #102, a luxury condominium that has everything desirable in an oceanfront California home. Custom everything. Not a virtual, but a real surround-sound and surround-view of the azure, turquoise and blue Pacific from the vantage of a virtually private cove with beach access only from one passable cliff side at low tide. This property is a rare find.

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Assisted living choices range from meager facilities that would make a Motel 5 1/2 feel like the Taj Mahal – one was even recently shut down by authorities – to the finer facilities like Franklin Park –

Make the finer choice. Franklin Park, San Antonio TX

Stone Oak facility assisted living san antonio stone oak

FRANKLIN PARK STONE OAK 21802 Encino Commons San Antonio, TX 78259 (210) 483-9999

Sonterra Facility

assisted living san antonio at SonterraFRANKLIN PARK SONTERRA 18323 Sonterra Place San Antonio, Texas 78258 (210) 404-1444

Where Are We Now? 2013 – David Bowie

For his 66th birthday, David Bowie released the first music video in ten years. Strange as any Bowie work but very reflective. If it isn’t personal it is thought provoking for anyone old enough to remember his early works.

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David Bowie Where Are We Now?

Next Online Influence Rush- that’s what many real estate folks are seeming to hope for with Google Plus, especially with its addition of Communities.

Is Google Plus anything more than the next bright shiny object? Is it a place for influence peddling or profit-mongering SEO shortcuts?  

Anyone in real estate and probably several, even many other business verticals has been hearing the buzz about Google Plus. Terms like Author Rank thrown around excitedly and many are shouting from the rooftops, the supposed massive SEO value of Google plus without so much as an ounce of proof that any particular strategy actually “works.”  

Let’s back up a step. By and large, an approach to any social media, and most recently Google Plus, that begins with a focus on some kind of magic SEO leverage is already badly misplaced and misdirected.

And it’s a turnoff.

Perhaps the best strategy is to regroup and think harder about your market. What are they thinking about? What is keeping them up in the middle of the night? What makes them wish for an answer that would really solve their specific problem? What do they want to happen next more than anything else in their business?

Address that and provide something that really solves the problems that they care about and your influence will take care of itself.


If there is a stampede on some new, or perceived to be new, trick or technology that will somehow give you the jump on success that you “never had before” take a good long whiff and make sure that you are able to distinguish the snake oil from the true value of what may indeed be a better technology or platform. It never takes long for an outright assault by Internet vampires looking for a way to leverage the next instant gratification. If you find yourself joining in an outright rush on an opportunity to influence and business, haven’t you stopped to think that everyone else is doing that too? If you haven’t brought any better value to this “rush” that you had brought anywhere else can you really expect your position or influence will be any better in a new location?

Vero Beach FL real estate

Image ©Norris and Company Vero Beach Realtors

Vero Beach Florida gateway to the tropics

Well it isn’t actually in the tropics–for that matter none of Florida is. The southernmost tip of the Florida Keys lies 72 miles north of the Tropic of Cancer. however, like many communities along the eastern Florida coast,  Vero Beach is directly adjacent to the intracoastal waterway and of the Atlantic Ocean so that you have smooth sailing straight to the south and you can get as close to the tropics as your boat and the nation of Cuba will allow you to.  Usually, coastal temperatures are moderated and residents of Vero Beach homes will not experience some of the extremes of temperatures, especially in winter that their inland neighbors have to cope with. 


 map of Florida including Vero Beach

 Key West is only 72 miles north of the Tropic of Cancer. Vero Beach is several hundred miles North of that but the ocean does moderate the temperatures year-round.

 Vero Beach Florida on the intracoastal waterway.png

Situated on Florida’s Treasure Coast, warmed by gentle trade winds, the town enjoys a unique blend of tropical and subtropical vegetation and elegant
Southern charm.

 Vero Beach Florida on the intracoastal waterway.png

Downtown Miami Condos – MINT


The Mint at Riverfront Miami What do you get? Start with 900 feet of riverfront walkways for residents of Downtown Miami condos to enjoy the outdoors night and day. You’ll find plenty of diversions and activities throughout. Your Mint condo common areas in the property include Zen gardens, sports area for soccer, boat docks, BBQ  & picnic spots and a children’s playground. Every evening a spectacular view of the famed Miami skyline greet you and mornings are bathed in fresh light like a painting of color as the sun rises over the unique skyline of Miami’s condos and offices.

To learn more about ONE | Sotheby’s condo listings in Downtown and surrounding areas, visit the Downtown Miami Condos listings page.

What does Hartford’s shuttering its annuity and life business have to do with real estate and SEO?

The very necessity of SEO for real estate stems from ever intensifying fierce competition as real estate agents and brokers deal with a crisis that isn’t near over yet. Promoting a local real estate business online is more necessary than ever because falling prices, inventory pressures and a seeming never ending of new arrivals to the real estate sales field keep the field red. Many competitors seek exposure for the exact same markets meaning that real estate SEO is often the deciding factor in who gets seen online vs who is left on page two and beyond online where up to 90% of initial inquiries begin when someone is considering the sale or purchase of a home.

Back in 2006, smart money was in real estate and the stock market, but a lot of smarter money, by some accounts up to a trillion dollars had quietly moved into the annuity market. Fixed and indexed annuities were not producing the same spectacular levels of return as securities but they were obviously a whole lot safer. With rates like 8% in good markets and guaranteed 3.4% to 4% even in a market collapse, long term safety minded investors moved away from a markets that looked like they were in a bubble that would burst sooner or later.

Sooner came in 2008 and billions of dollars of investment money was preserved for the owners of annuity products while higher risk investors bled to death on the stock trading floor.

How does this relate to the real estate industry?  More on that at the end of this post.

The backdrop of all this comes into view with the announcement of Hartford that they are exiting the annuity and life business entirely. 

Hartford to Exit Annuity Business, Fitch Affirms Rating
Fitch’s stable outlook rating follows HFSG’s announcement that the company will now focus on P/C and consumer markets, group benefits and mutual funds businesses…

nom nom nomWhat brought an insurance giant to this surprise announcement? I believe it all started back in 2006 or so when the SEC announced that it believed that the sale certain annuity products should be supervised. Soon after, the push came when the SEC corralled all insurance agents who also held a securities licence into a regulatory sandtrap, pressuring insurance agents to submit these annuity sales for supervision with the threat of losing their license if unsupervised annuity sales were found in any way to violate well, anything they could come up with. This effectively killed the sale of annuities for a lot of insurance agents who feared risking their license. 2008 brought the hammer down by trying to implement rule 151A, requiring the supervision of indexed annuity sales. Indexed annuities provide for better returns in good stock market years while guaranteeing a minimum return every year regardless of market performance.

Ultimately, rule 151A was struck down but the push continues as it always has, to keep investor money away from insurance products whether investors are safer with these products or not.

The securities industry had lost billions to fixed and indexed annuities and they’d had enough. This hatred of the insurance industry isn’t new. I found an excerpt from a 1956 business section of a Pittsburg newspaper that reported the same kind of tactic engaged in by the SEC back then when I wasn’t even yet a twinkle in my father’s eye.


What this has to do with real estate…

Organizations love power. The bigger the organization the more power they seek. This acquisition of power is generally thought to be in the interest of the members of the organization but sometimes those members represent a factional segment of an even larger group who may or may not benefit or even suffer harm at the hands of the faction.

Let’s take the NAR for example. 

I clearly remember frequent advertisements including TV ads by the NAR throughout the plummeting of the real estate market that continually sounded out the same message to anyone foolish enough to listen, 

“Now is the best time to buy a home.”

It didn’t matter that the collapse was just starting, or mid-way or that there was absolutely no assurance that things had hit bottom, and anyone who bought a home was going to have their hair cut off and eyes gouged out like Sampson at the hands of Delilah.

The NAR didn’t mind at all what might happen to unwitting home buyers. “There was never a better time to buy a home.”

Really? How about later, much later if you can hold out. If home prices had a further slide to go, they why not encourage consumers to wait it out. Rent for another year and see what happens?

Of course this doesn’t help the real estate industry to say such things, but it would have helped a lot of consumers who had no business buying a home in the middle of a crash.

The NAR was simply willing to trample underfoot the financial health of a whole lot of sheep who didn’t have the saavy to analyze for themselves what was going on in the real estate sector. Any economics professor worth their weight in recycled copper will tell you that overly-aggressive lending made it too easy to buy a home. The notion that every person  was somehow entitled to own a home came straight from the left and the likes of ACORN and our illustrious community organizer in chief.

Now we all pay dearly. Agents pay more for real estate SEO, websites, print media, direct mail, etc. to market the same properties to sell at greatly reduced prices. Homeowners pay in balloon payments, foreclosures, short sales and in being trapped in homes deep underwater so that they cannot move when opportunity for improvement presents itself in the form of jobs or better local economies to do business elsewhere.

Did I mention this is an opinion piece?  Nevertheless a warning is to be had and heeded about trusting organizations including government cliques and factions that are obviously not really looking out for your best interest.

Real Estate SEO is decidedly one of the most challenging and difficult types of organic search results to obtain success in for real estate websites. The 800 pound reason for this challenge is replication– the high level of similarity between real estate websites in any market area. There are four primary areas where duplication hurts the effort of a real estate agent to rank above competitors in organic search results on Google.

SEO for agents

1. Duplicate Content: the very nature of real estate creates a natural tendency toward duplicate content. If you are an agent in Anytown, You’re guaranteed to be in competition with other agents in Anytown too. Often, all of you are marketing the same properties on the same streets and other than the listing agent, you all have access to the exact same description via the MLS. The highlights of your town, things to do and things to see are the same for everyone. The history of your community is the same as well, and the temptation is to go to a Wikipedia article or Chamber of Commerce website and pull that information down onto your website or blog.

2. Duplicate product: as mentioned above, all agents have access to the same properties via the MLS. Some agents spend thousands of dollars to integrate the MLS into their website so that every listing becomes an indexable part of their website by the search engines. This generates hundreds or thousands of pages of the exact same content on every website that integrates the MLS. Unless you are the biggest baddest player in the ring, you’re not going to win this fight. If you go into SEO looking for a fight, SEO will give you one and you will lose.

You have to begin to find ways to present your product, even in a general sense that is unique and not duplicated from other sources. You may have to drive around town and take photographs of your own and create posts about those photographs and what your take is on the community. This can go a lot farther than simply wasting money on integrating MLS listings into your website. People wanted personal connection that gives them unique insight into a community, especially as they are from out of town.

duplicate agents and content

 3. Duplicate back-links: when an agent discovers SEO and the importance of back links they begin to go out and build or obtain those back links, and often they target a few or even just one keyword or phrase. They adopt that keyword as their primary anchor text. Things go well at 1st, and they see some improvements in their positions in Google search results, and then everything grinds to a halt or even worse, things go south and their website goes from page 1 or 2 to page 5 or 6 in a matter of days, with seemingly no rational explanation.

 They have been building more and more back links, right? The problem with this kind of campaign is that the aggregation of back links becomes unnatural and a Google algorithm or filter detects this unusual pattern and devalues those back links until a more natural “back link profile” emerges.

How Hubpages Failed to Get This

CEO of Hubpages says SEO doesn’t work since Panda

In a recent interview, the CEO of Hubpages complained that SEO no longer works. The simple truth is that the website still remains a target for Panda because of its content. Watch this video to see why.

By SEO Expert Dave Keys | CEO Hubpages blames Panda for company’s woes: Visit The CEO of Hubpages stated in an interview with ZDNet that SEO doesn’t work. He had a litany of complaints ending with the summation that Google seems to want people to move their content to Google’s platform. Never mind that it took just seconds to find spammy duplicate content on the top tiers of the Hubpages website. It doesn’t take an SEO expert to know that duplicate content will get you slapped by Panda and your website penalized too.

SEO Expert – CEO of Hubpages Says SEO Doesn’t Work. Panda
by davekeysvideo info

1 rating | 108 views

4. Duplicate link sources: some agents find a few sources where they can easily create back links and they go to work creating the required content to place their links and perform this task over and over increasing the diversity of the anchor text and even linking to specific pages on their website, but Google’s algorithm sees this clearly as a one-dimensional attempt to leverage a website’s position. More sources of back links is required to rank better. This increases the difficulty of the back link task exponentially. Understandably, many agents just give up when they see no improvement.

real estate SEO expert understands these pitfalls, knows how to avoid them, and knows how to launch and execute a link building campaign so that search engines are satisfied that every level of diversity in that campaign is satisfied. It is known that in 2011, Google has integrated many important factors in verifying the proper “back link profile” which includes social metrics, contextual relevance, and over 200 factors in the ranking algorithm. Real estate SEO, more than many other SEO campaigns must engage in greater diversity because of the competition and the similarity of other real estate websites.

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