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Visualize Your Site Structure For SEO

Sometimes it helps clear things up just to see a fresh perspective. Here is a cool tool to visualize how a spider might categorize and classify your website and hint at its silo architecture and organization- or not. If your site is a cluster this visual tool can point that out.

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If you’re in real estate, IDX pages can start to get out of hand, especially if your website silo architecture or directory structure is flat.

You’ll want to start to address that issue by at least creating some siloed content besides just IDX listing pages.


Assessing Link Opportunities For Real Estate

Assessing Link Opportunities For Real Estate


Today we take a look at a relatively new upstart website in the real estate social media space, This portal appears to be a blend of components from various social media sites, particularly Quora. What you post is promoted by others or not. You can ask questions and you can also answer questions. You are apparently rated by re-posts of your content whether it’s a share and this is where the website has its greatest potential in my opinion providing a type of forum like Quora for real estate in particular so this is a great niche for real estate content and link opportunity.

Real Estate SEO Link Opportunities

As shown in my video, the stats of this website are still relatively low compared to monoliths like Weebly or Google sites but the relevance should go a long way and we can expect more agents to discover and join the portal which will sutstantially increase its authority in the real estate niche.

More about real estate SEO at

Orange County SEO Update

Orange County SEO Update

Strategy Session: Meeting With Wiideman Consulting Group

Friday’s meeting with Wiideman Consulting was really more of a lunch. We met with the team at the Elephant Bar adjacent to their newly expanded offices in La Mirada. Their strategy has evolved completely into marketing where SEO is simply one of many components and fulfillment is managed by the client via their own resources. Steve Wiideman also introduced the new Roadmap Website which serves as a resource and catalyst for transforming business web visibility. This is a free resource which can very competently serve as a springboard for any business, startup or a seasoned business that needs to get serious about an effective holistic SEO and marketing strategy online.

John Mueller Plays “No, Guess Again” With Questions About Core Update

Google’s affinity to playing annoyingly coy is still a favored practice when dealing with direct questions that deserve a better answer than the kind that are usually served up by the white house press secretary but that’s what we continue to get with these hangouts and Q&A with John Mueller.

Wiideman Consulting Awesomeness