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Sample Showcase

Here's just a few samples of what you can get to start your brand building and propagating your business identity online.

This video and the one below are part of a campaign to expose the brand across a variety of community targets. The "Ross100 Condo Index" and "Miami Condo Index" and other similar web searches have been given visibility through these strategic videos. 

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A testimonial is always a strong buyer reinforcement. This coupled with specific geo-targeting creates a strong impact on buyers just as they are most engaged in that zone of decision.

Local businesses often lack the spokesperson personage that helps put their message over the obstacle of indifference. A spokesperson styled messenger is often just what a local business needs to break the barrier of sameness of all businesses in the niche. YOU STAND OUT ABOVE THE REST.

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Shot entirely on an iPhone (and one without the desirable stabilization on most newer phones) Taking plenty of images and video clips allows you to create content that is available ONLY where you choose to reveal and release it. Get people to your website and sales funnel with the lure of exclusive video.