29963 Fox Creek Dr Menifee demo video of my home. Here’s where it ranks.

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The population of Menifee is 90,343. On average, homes in this neighborhood are worth $500,000. Out of the 77% of people, almost two-thirds are homeowners.
Menifee is a suburban city located in Riverside County, California, with a population of 90,349. Menifee is in Riverside County. Many inhabitants of Menifee own their homes, which gives them a sparsely populated, bucolic atmosphere. A number of parks exist in the city of Menifee. Menifee is home to many families and seniors, and its people tend to be moderate in their political beliefs. Students in Menifee’s public schools are above average.
Menifee, CA has a walking score of 35 and a biking score of 40. The majority of errands necessitate the use of a vehicle.

Fresno Yosemite International Airport is the closest airport to my location. I-215 is the closest freeway to Menifee, CA.

Additionally, if you own an electric car and are interested in neighborhoods with charging stations for electric vehicles, this area may be a suitable choice. There are five places in Menifee, CA where one may charge an electric car at a Level 2 charging station and DC rapid charging stations are available.

Menifee is the 98th biggest city in California. There is nothing as inviting as the scent of a fresh new home, and in Menifee, the majority of homes were constructed within the last year. In other words, a rise in residential real estate prices shows that individuals are opting to come to Menifee, and they’re taking the extra money to make their purchases on fresh new building. On the average, among the nation’s real estate, Menifee properties are some of the newest. The increase in Menifee’s middle class has caused the median household income to rise to $70,224.

Menifee has among of the highest housing expenses in the nation, even if its real estate values don’t compare to other pricey places in California.

In contrast to other cities, Menifee is more mixed, with both blue- and white-collar neighborhoods. Instead, the predominant occupations for residents of Menifee are white- and blue-collar vocations, in about equal proportions. Menifee is a city of sales and office employees, professionals, and service providers, who collectively make up about half of the population. There are far more Menifee residents who hold office and administrative support (12.61 percent of the workforce), sales jobs (10.44 percent of the workforce), and managerial positions (18.74 percent of the workforce) (9.41 percent ).

It might take quite a while to commute to work in Menifee. In Menifee, people spend an average of 37.43 minutes getting to work every day, which is much longer than the national average.

On the national level, the educational level of Menifee inhabitants is comparable to that of all other American cities and towns. Approximately 19.76% of people in the city of Menifee have earned a college degree.

In 2018, Menifee’s per capita income was $29,298, which placed it between the middle- and upper-middle income brackets for the state and nation. This translates to a family of four making $117,192 per year. Menifee also has a number of affluent and impoverished individuals living there.

The ethnic diversity of the city of Menifee is very notable. When individuals say they’re a member of several racial and ethnic groups, they’re referring to the city of Menifee, CA. Over half of Menifee people say their race is White, with African-Americans following behind. Additionally, the population of Hispanics is rather significant in Menifee (people of Hispanic origin can be of any race). Over 37.16% of San Francisco’s inhabitants are of Hispanic or Latino heritage. People in Menifee may trace their ancestry to Germany, Ireland, England, Italy, and France.

In Menifee, the most often spoken language is English. In addition to these two major languages, several other tongues are spoken here, including Spanish and Tagalog.