Assessing Link Opportunities For Real Estate

Real Estate SEO Link Opportunities


Today we take a look at a relatively new upstart website in the real estate social media space, This portal appears to be a blend of components from various social media sites, particularly Quora. What you post is promoted by others or not. You can ask questions and you can also answer questions. You are apparently rated by re-posts of your content whether it’s a share and this is where the website has its greatest potential in my opinion providing a type of forum like Quora for real estate in particular so this is a great niche for real estate content and link opportunity.

Real Estate SEO Link Opportunities

As shown in my video, the stats of this website are still relatively low compared to monoliths like Weebly or Google sites but the relevance should go a long way and we can expect more agents to discover and join the portal which will sutstantially increase its authority in the real estate niche.

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