Dave Keys, expert Temecula SEO  – Went to get a COVID test. Why? I’m fully vaccinated with a Moderna series & booster. I’m supposed to be invincible to COVID’s worst effects at least and I probably am but I have some heart issues so I’m advised to pay attention to anything that seems like it could be the Corona virus. I got a mild earache for 2 days so I thought I’d better go in and get checked. What I saw at Kaiser turned me around heading toward home. I’m even allowed to skip the regular testing line and check into urgent care with the heart status but there were around 60 people lined up tightly together inches apart, not 6 feet. Stretched from the check-in desk across the building to the pharmacy. Fortunately, the ear ache and sinus irritation are already subsiding so I guess I’ll never know if it was COVID. https://davekeys.com Then there’s the mile-long line wrapped around Kaiser Murrieta for the test.