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Meadow Run Meritage Menifee Homes.

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OK, we’re looking at Meritage Homes Meadow Run in Menifee California and it’s just a little bit south of uh the city, in the city but the southern end uh between Scott road and Newport road off of Bradley. You can see from these clips that part of the community is already inhabited. People are moving in, in fact, a survey of the neighborhood seems to indicate that as soon as the homes are built, they’re being moved into. Very quickly, I don’t know what the pre-sales are in terms of backlog right now. I don’t know if there’s anything available. It seems like once it’s built, it’s not long before it’s got occupants. And uh building is going on at a pretty rapid pace. But that’s the challenge with this neighborhood. They still have model homes so they’re still doing sales and people are still moving in but it could be a waitlist. So that remains to be seen. Let’s stop because what you see right here is this. On the brochure and on the websites but it’s actually just this little section, and that’s important for you to understand what you see in the advertising versus what you actually get when you buy one of these new homes. The front yards are looking pretty barren and the back yards are just dirt. Now before you go adding another forty to sixty thousand dollars for upgrades to make it the kind of home you want, keep in mind that just about a mile away you can buy homes like this one already fully upgraded and backyard pools, etc. The same basic configuration and size. So while at this community at Meadow Run you are getting a brand new home, I would keep in mind, in my opinion that is pretty close if not better value just a short distance away and generally, the homes in this market are about 15 years old so they’re still relatively new so em that’s a lot to think about just for a new home where you’re really gonna have to invest a lot more to get it up to par for what you’d like to have to live in.

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