Real Estate SEO

Real Estate SEO comes with some good news lately.

Local terms and topics about selling real estate matter a lot more than ever now with the ultra-high prices and an impending correction since fewer people can afford the stratospheric prices even with low mortgage terms and rates. Local cities where you can anticipate buyer sentiment and searches are golden. Markets in the mid-range population, even in the low 100,000s of residents are ripe for picking sellers. Even in tight inventory scenarios. 

Temecula real estate SEO – easy to rank for seller terms like is the Temecula Market Crashing…?

Murrieta real estate SEO – We hit the nail on the head with a video for “Murrieta Realtor that listens” with a top position on Google and it took all of a morning including creating and posting the video.

Menifee real estate SEO – Just look up “how to sell my Menifee pool home” and you can’t miss the result. Those kind of questions should be answered by you and introduce people to your real estate service and provide non-stop leads that Zillow can’t touch at all.

The real estate industry is a space that can be quite difficult to compete in and to stand out from the crowd. There’s so many other agents and Zillow. Zillow! Zillow is probably one of the most frustrating competitors for real estate agents, as it has such wide exposure thanks to its ubiquity on listings pages.

Zillow is a great place to go when you already know what you’re looking for if you just want to browse home prices, but it’s not so great when you don’t have a specific home in mind or you want to sell your home. They’re not in the business of marketing you as a realtor. They’re in the business of selling leads. Home sellers often don’t even want an agent because they don’t want the commission bite taken from their proceeds. They don’t realize the value working with a good agent brings to the deal but they usually come around and start looking for specifics about realtors. That’s where a video posted in the right way and a campaign to get Google My Business local results at the top of search can really drive the right leads to you and not an aggregator like Redfin or Zillow.

SEO is the key and that’s why you’re here- because my own SEO is what brings me leads that happen to include real estate agents who want to get leads from the web instead of someone else or a big website taking all the traffic.

Murrieta Realtors who want agent listings