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The Only Video that matters is the one that brings customers to Your Business

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Video For Customer Acquisition

It’s Simple

You’re not in the business of producing commercials, infomercials or consumer entertainment on video. You’re in the business of marketing the products that bring in revenues. Most video production for business runs on the high side, typically that means anywhere from $20,000 to a discounted rate of $950… for a 1 to 2 minute video.

You can’t begin to afford a series of videos that directly answer prospective customer questions- all of them, or can you? The approach is only part of a successful video content strategy and you can overcome a lot of local competition with a strong video component to your local marketing strategy. 

The interesting thing about video is that it is compelling like no other media.

Why Dave Keys Media?

Two words. Affordable and fast. Video strategies that get you visible to buyers faster than any other medium is not to be ignored.

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