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Web Design

Get a website that brings in business. Don't end up like businesses that fail in the new economy.
Web Design

Get a website that brings in business. Don’t end up like businesses that fail in the new economy.

Sensible Ad Strategy

Plan an ad strategy that converts highest for your business and cost the least. No useless broad match ads!

seo to get buyers

Meaning- what it takes to get you in front of buyers without breaking the bank to get them.

YouTube video for business
Business Videos

You can have video for your business without getting in front of a camera.

YouTube Shorts
Social Media & Reels

Youtube Shorts, Instagram Reels, TikTok and a host of other social sites are getting content out fast- including to your local market.

Photography & Video

Local in Riverside and Orange County? Get the perfect photography and videography for illustrating your business in visual media.

It's About YOU

Driving Success For Local Businesses

Dave Keys Media Combines SEO, PPC, Social Media, And Local Service Ads To Deliver Immediate Visibility And Long-Term Success For Local Businesses. Let Us Help Boost Your Revenue.

A Specific Digital Marketing Resuscitation Plan For Your Business

Let’s be honest. You’re not here because everything in your business is just as it should be.
In fact. It’s withering because although there is plenty of demand, clients are finding others first.
Others whose offers and services are not even as good as yours.
It’s time to get the best customers for your business right to your offer.

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What Others Say

Believe me, if he can help a real estate agent get ranked online… Just when you thought SEO couldn’t be an effective source of leads, business and profit in YOUR market, Dave Keys brings the essence of military grade SEO to the street where business competes against business in real time every day. Your business visible to and attracting the money, is the true purpose of SEO and Dave Keys delivers in the face of some of the stiffest competition on the Internet in his famed real estate SEO practice. Believe me, if he can help a real estate agent get online against some of the biggest giants on the web, he can get you there too. 

gregory ortiz ceo only source consulting
Gregory Ortiz CEO

Only Source Consulting

#davekeysknowledgebomb Thanks Dave Keys for dropping a real estate knowledge bomb on me.

dustin sanchez tv lawyer seo
Dustin Sanchez

Dustin Sanchez Media, LLC

Tips and tricks only a seasoned veteran deep in the trenches… I’d like to give a big shout out to Dave Keys. Dave just spent a Golden hour with me dropping Real Estate SEO bombs, tips and tricks that only a seasoned veteran that’s been deep in the trenches knows. My mind is still swimming. #payingitforward #breakthrough #thankyoudave

Pat Cranny

Why Dave Keys?

Dave Keys SEO Expert 15 years experience here in the Temecula Valley
15+ Years Experience

I”ve been at this since before Menifee became a city.

Here In Menifee, CA

I know your locale. I’ve lived here for almost 20 years. I’m here to help solve your local business stop losing to competitors just because they’re found online, not because they’re better than you.

Always Thinking About Your Business

I’m obsessed with solving the problems of local businesses getting their share of the over 300,000 local clients here in the Temecula Valley.

Let's Build Your Dreams!

Your business isn’t just a business. It’s your lifeblood for your family and your future. Let’s make sure it thrives every day!

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